Visa Application Assistance

A visa is an allowance from the immigration authorities that determines whether or not you are allowed to enter a country and for how long, depending upon the purpose of your visit.

We understand that the visa application process with its immense paperwork, hustle and documentation can be a daunting one. Especially if it is your first time. At Infocus, it is our aim to make this process a cakewalk for you by providing you all sorts of assistance and guidance you require.

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Each country offers different visas on the basis of your requirements, duration and of course, eligibility criterias. This is where we come in. Our team of visa experts with their thorough understanding of the processes, constant interaction with Consulates for any updates ensures a hassle free experience for you. We familiarise you with the process which includes

  • filling various forms correctly,
  • document organisation,
  • final submission to concerned authorities well in time,
  • a thorough cross check for better presentation before couriering.

Along with this, we also conduct periodic seminars, mock interview sessions, self grooming sessions for students that educate and prepare you for every situation.